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A Taste of Spain with Guerra Vermouth Red Reserva

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Step into the world of Guerra, where each sip is a journey to the sun-drenched terrains of Spain, and every glass whispers the secrets of a lazy afternoon. Crafted from the finest Mencía grapes, nurtured in the heart of Bierzo—a gem nestled in the northwest of Spain, our vermouth is a bridge to a tradition that celebrates the art of slowing down.

Aged meticulously for 8 to 18 months in oak barrels, Guerra Vermouth blooms with a complex, yet harmonious blend of spices and freshness. Its elegance is reminiscent of the esteemed Cabernet Franc from France's Loire Valley, yet, under the generous Spanish sun, Mencía reaches a pinnacle of ripeness that infuses our vermouth with an unparalleled depth of flavor.

Bierzo, with its vibrant promise akin to the acclaimed wine regions of Rueda, Jumilla, and Toro, stands as a testament to Spain's evolving wine narrative. In this land, over two-thirds of the vineyards pay homage to the Mencía grape, a beacon of quality and character in the world of wine.

Guerra Vermouth is more than a drink—it's an invitation. Whether as a refined aperitif to awaken your palate or the cornerstone of a cocktail that tells a story, it embodies the essence of a Spanish tradition. It invites you to pause, to savor, and to immerse yourself in the anticipation of a meal that promises to be as memorable as the moments leading up to it.

Join us in a celebration of taste, tradition, and the tranquil pleasure of vermut time with Guerra. Let every sip transport you to a place where time is measured in moments, and the warmth of the Spanish sun is matched only by the warmth of good company. Welcome to the essence of Spain—welcome to Guerra Vermouth.

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