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La Calcotada goes fully Veggie on Sundays.

La Calcotada goes fully Veggie on Sundays.

Calçots and Sauce

La Calçotada goes one step beyond raising our sustainability standards. For the very first time, we offer a full vegetarian menu at our virgin event in Amsterdam, hosted by KAAP, on Sunday, 18th December.

We are so warmhearted with the new entirely vegetarian menu because it aligns perfectly with our aim: spreading happiness and Catalan tradition worldwide in the most conscientious way. We are very thankful for your support.

Fair trade has always been the core of our business, importing our products only directly from the farmers. However, aiming at more efficient logistics and focusing more on plant-based products has become our sustainable mission for the 2022/23 season.

We are excited to announce that our first Calçotada in Amsterdam will be entirely Vegetarian! And so pleased that amongst other vegetables, the Calçots are stealing our followers' hearts.

We cannot imagine a better host for the occasion, as the first Vegetarian Calçotada will take place in KAAP's culinary offering is already entirely vegetarian, with high-quality products lovely cooked by Kiki, the Chef.

You can try the new veggie option menu on Sunday, 18th December, from 13:00 to 16:00.

The feast will start, as always, with the kings of the show: Calçots with Romesco sauce.

For the second dish, we would like to present inspired by the Barcelona region recipe Cassoleta of Faves a la Catalana and Escalivada.

Cassoleta Fabes Veggan


Escalivada is a typical calçotada side dish consisting of charred red peppers, eggplant, and onions, all dressed with olive oil, salt, and pepper. We re-created this iconic Catalan stew of fava beans adding a roasted tofu and secret 3-Iberico Spice Mix. All bathed in a tomato, garlic, and onion juicy sauté. A few mint leaves give a fresh finishing touch to the dish. The Cassoleta will fill you with 100% vegetable-origin protein for the day!

Last but not least, Crema Catalana for a desert. The silky texture and citric flavours will fill your mouth with the recipe of Grani Carmen. It has not yet been possible to transform this recipe from our founder Julià Delos' grandmother to a vegan option. So far, we couldn't replace animal proteins with plant-based ones in a way that Grani Carmen is happy. However, we keep our ears open to you. DM us if you have a vegan crema Catalan recipe!

We would love to hear your feedback after the event from those who bought the tickets already. If you still need a ticket, please hurry up and get the tickets soon to try out our new menu.

There are only 25 table places left. The Calçots are stealing the show! Are you going to miss it?


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