Surprisingly sweet

La calçotada, the food tradition that Catalans happily celebrate during cold winter times.

Joyful food

Vermut, just the start

Calçots take

time and effort to cook, so before they are ready we start getting in the mood fent el vermut. Translated "doing the vermut", this is the moment to welcome everyone and catch up with them with a drink in your hands.

Vermut is served with a couple of olives, a couple of ice-cubes and a piece of orange. It is accompanied with different savory snacks: chips, olives, berberechos and banderillas. Also few cold cuts are added fuet (porc sausage), chorizo, cheese and Iberico ham. This is just appetizer for the calçots and barbecued meat.


are the star of the menu. Grilled on vivid fire, the calçot gets cooked in its own juice, becoming sweet and smoky from the grill.

Dip them in romesco and you keep wanting more...

Romesco, taste the Mediterranean

Calçots are sweet and tasteful, however romesco is the secret that makes you unable to stop eating them.

The secret of the sauce with it's grilled and nutty is just the combination of products from the South of Catalonia: hazelnuts and almonds. They are mixed with fresh products from the Mediterranean cuisine: roasted garlic, roasted red tomatoes and nyora, a specially dried pepper used in the chorizo salting.

After eating

the calçots, there's the grilled meat, cooked with the embers that are left after roasting the calçots. So keep some space in your stomach for butifarres, Catalan pork sausages, lamb chops and other local meat specialties.

The meat will normally be served together with a garnish of mongetes del ganxet a local and delicious baby white beans, the typical escalivada roasted vegetables on the grill, or a salad with fresh vegetables from the Mediterranean.

Best winter foodie experience

Gather with your loved ones and enjoy this culinary experience from Barcelona.

The porró

is a unique wine pitcher that Catalans use to drink wine. Red wine is the general drink of choice at the joyful feast of calçotada, although beer or white wine combine perfectly with calçots.

Eating calçots is an enjoyable, messy and casual experience that will make you use your hands to eat. So with the porró, you can also share the drinks. Drinking with it looks challenging, but don't worry! With a solid movement you will be a professional in no time.

Calçots, asparagus or onions?

It looks like a leek, smells like an onion and tastes sweet like asparagus. So, what exactly are calçots?

In fact they are full-grown white onion sprouts, grown in a unique and innovative way created by Xat de Benages in the small village of Valls, Catalonia.

White onions are placed in small V-shaped ditches, carved in the ground. As new sprouts grow, they are covered with earth, leaving only the tips of the sprout uncovered. This process is repeated until ground pile up to 30cm of earth ground.

Calçots are planted from August to September, and harvested from December until the end of March, setting the calçotada season during mid-Winter and Spring.

Crema Catalana

is the fundamental dessert for any traditional Catalan menu. This custard cream recipe is three centuries older than the French Creme Brulée.

Keep some room for this life-sweetener, aromatised with cinnamon and lemon zest, with a crunchy crust of burnt sugar.


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