The onions that make you happy

Board bacground from The Onion Guy. Onion fun with La Calçotada!Single Happy Onion growing from an Onion. Onion fun with La Calçotada!

Calçots = Happy Onions

You Are Running Out of Smiles?
Here’s How to Fix It

Have you ever thought that an onion can make your day? No? Well, guess what?


It, not just an onion that we are talking about here but A CALÇOT, the World's Happiest Onion. Originating from Valls (Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain), our joyful Spanish calçot has been already spreading love, happiness, and smiles for over two centuries now.

How did it happen?

A Spanish farmer from Valls called Xat de Beniages discovered that he could grow the onion sprouts as a comestible vegetable. He did it by partly covering the baby onion sprouts with soil as they were growing. In this way, the world's happiest onion - the Calçot, was born. More specifically, it is a long and thick spring onion with a surprising sweeter and delicate taste.

The discovery of the Calçots initiated a tradition full of joy - La Calçotada. With each calçot you eat, you share a fun moment full of smiles. La Calçotada is a symbol of the family and friendship bond. A moment to share delicious Calçots and have a good time with your family and friends.

Essentially, this onion is the Catalan excuse to fire up a good bond with your closest people or even meet new ones and have a perfect time.

Oh, you want that too? Well... USE THIS EXCUSE THEN! Sharing the calçots with all of your loved ones and create the happiness you all deserve! On top of that, dip the happy onion in the delicious Romesco sauce that can only bring more perfection to the meal and the moment.

La Calçotada

Do You Feel Like Meeting An Old Tradition Full of Smiles ?

Imagine yourself sitting around the table with your closest people, ready for a full meal of happiness. Put on your bibe, get your hands ready because plenty of burned Calçots will land in the middle of the table. The party is now on! How many will you eat? Ten, fifteen, or a full twenty-five bundle. How come you can eat so many? Romesco is the answer. The dip with nuts and grilled tomatoes and garlic. You will understand why Calçots are The World's Happiest Onions!

That is what it feels like celebrating La Calçotada, a good time with friends. Barbecued Calçots, grilled meat, good drinks, and joy consumed beyond ANY limit. Believe it or not, onions can make you smile because La Calçotada is much more than just onions.

Calçots exist to make you happy! Are you a happy person? Then join our Adoption Campaign and save a Calçot family and get a Calçotada for five people. Or you will let the first Dutch calçots die and not be part of the First Happy Onion Adopters Tribe!

From Catalonia and beyond

The journey of bringing the joy of the happy onions to you

Meet The Onion Guy and his adventure of leaving Catalonia to travel the world and spread the happiness of the joyful onions that he represents - the calçots.

200 thousand calçots are growing in the city of Zaltbommel and the Onion Guy wants all this joy to get to you. In the farmlands of the Netherlands, two Dutch farmers Time and Rudin helped the Onion Guy to grow his first commercial production of Calçots so more people can taste his happy onions.

Why did the Onion Guy do it?

The Onion Guy first came to the Netherlands to give the unique opportunity of experiencing the joy that comes with all these calçots to anyone who wishes to have it.

While, it is a fact that everyone deserves to be happy and for that reason, the Onion Guy believes that he should be at your home as soon as possible and deliver you that happiness.