The onions that make you happy

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Calçots = Happy Onions

What is a Calçot?

Have you been running out of smiles? We have a solution.
You probably have never thought that onion could make your day, but we’re not talking about any onion. Originating from Valls, in the Tarragona region of Catalunya, Spain, the calçot has already been spreading joy for over two centuries.

A Spanish farmer from Valls named Xat de Beniages discovered that he could grow onion sprouts that could stand alone as a delicious vegetable and the centerpiece of a meal. He did it by partly covering the baby onion sprouts with soil as they were growing. In this way, the world's happiest onion was born.

The calçot is a long and thick spring onion with a surprisingly sweet and delicate taste. A calçot looks like an oversize scallion with an extra-long white stalk. They are traditionally grown from whole sweet white onions, which are harvested and then replanted. These days, there are special calçot bulbs for planting.

La Calçotada

A good times feast for everyone

Loved by adults and children, la calçotada is a time to share delicious calçots and other grilled food, and wine, or your drink of choice, and have a good time. Essentially, putting some onions on the grill is the Catalan excuse to fire up the bonds with your closest people and meet some new friends.

The ideal way to cook calçots is over a fire made of grapevine branches. Wood and charcoal can also be used. Place the calçots on the grill and cook until charred. When they come off the fire, roll them in sheets of newspaper to keep them warm and soft.

Once the calçots have cooled inside their newsprint packages, it’s time to put on your paper bib. Then grab a calçot and eat it.

A New Dutch Tradition From Spain

Barcelona's Best Kept Secret Tradition

200,000 calçots are growing in the town of Zaltbommel, and The Onion Guy wants you to part in the harvest. In the farmlands of the Zaltbommel, The Netherlands, two Dutch farmers, Time and Rudin are cultivating the first commercial production of Calçots so more people can taste his happy onions. The Calçot fields are divided into 4 thousand little parcels.

The Onion Guy is here to give you the opportunity to reserve your calçots now, as they grow, and send them to freshly harvested, with everything that you need for your calçotada.

Meet The Onion Guy and his adventure of leaving Catalonia to travel the world and spread the communal calçot tradition.