La Calçotada

March 21st, 12:00 PM

The shared feast meal

La Calçotada is a unique jovial tradition that brings Catalans together during the winter to eat Calçots and drink wine.

Peel one and dip it in Romesco sauce. Mmm.. its sweet taste and juicy texture and the nutty savors of the sauce will make you go for another one, and another one...

La Calçotada is a day event for everyone to enjoy with friends, family, and kids. This year we will make it the most similar to how we do it in Catalunya.

You will share the Calçotada menu with the eight people you are sitting with. Like in Catalunya, there will be vermut and snacks in the bar before Calçots are ready.

What's new?

What's new?

This year we will have a different setting, that we created together with Nina from Te Gekke Etentjes.

The idea is that you enjoy Calçots with the people that you come with all at the same time. For that purpose we introduced two changes:

First, we created a three-course menu, that you can get for one, four or eight people.

Second, the festival will be only organized if we reach the goal of 200 people. So yes, it's a crowdfunded festival, if you join, it will happen!


We will have special kids menu for 15€,
for kids until 12.

First course - Calçotada

15 Calçots from Valls
Salsa Romesco

Second course - Barbecue meat*

A big butifarra
Baby lamb chops
Catalan baby white beans
(Mongetes del Gantxet)

- Desert -

Crema Catalana Ice Cream
*A vegan option will be also available

Gallery of smiles


40per person
Individual ticket
You will join a table of eight people to enjoy La Calçotada.
40per ticket
38.75per person
Half-table ticket, 4 people
Your group of four will join four others on the table to enjoy La Calçotada.
155per ticket
37.5per person
Full-table ticket, 8 people
You will have a table for your group of eight to enjoy La Calçotada.
300per ticket
Calçotada for0 person, 0

Frequent Asked Questions

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Club-C, Eindhoven

Sectie-C Event Hall
Daalakkersweg 14, 5641 JA Eindhoven


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