The onion adventure

I never expected that onions will make me change my scientific career! And here I am bringing onions that make you smile!

The onion guy

How did the Onion Guy do it?

Calçots are the Happies Onions on the earth. For the first time, they decided to settle in a camp far from their homeland, Catalonia. Why did they choose to come to The Netherlands? You will not expect that. To return the happiness that Johan Cruyff brought to Catalonia with fantasy football! Yes, that is the only and single truth!

4.000 Calçot Families settled down in Zaltboomel. They are ready to be adopted by you! To give you back Catalan gratitude in the form of delicacy food and a good time. Join our Save A Calçot Family Adoption Plans and be part of the exclusive Happy People Tribe. Adopting one Calçot Family (50 calçots) will make you be one of the few that will enjoy La Calçotada at your Home. A delicacy first-course for five people for only 38€.

Luckily I, The Onion Guy, is here working together with the 4.000 Calçots family. Why would we do that? Straight, for your happiness! You have any doubt, reach The Onion Guy. He will be happy to answer all of them.

Enjoy La Calçotada at home

How are we spreading joy from Catalonia to your home?

Your answer and guarantee for happiness and an amazing time with your loved ones is La Calçotada Home-Pack.

We provide you with all the necessary products that you need to celebrate the old magical tradition and we deliver it right at your doorstep.

Why do we do all of this?

The answer is simple - TO SEE YOU HAPPY.

The joy of eating delicious and sweet calçots and the fun of celebrating La Calçotada in your own home with your closest people is the best way to create special moments with them. The only thing you need to do is to experience all the pleasure of gathering with friends/ family for a delicious meal after receiving your very own happy onions in the La Calçotada Home-Pack.

Try this taste of happiness and you would NEVER regret it!