La Calçotada Home Pack

It has NEVER been so easy to bring a full tradition to your home. It is AMAZING!

Adoption Plans

Prices 15% up after adoption campaign!

15 March first deliveries and END of adoptions period!


For 4 or 5 People

La Calçotada Land Adoption
  • 50 Dutch Calçots
  • 500 grs Salsa Romesco
  • 5 Bibes
  • Instructions
  • 43,70 €
  • save now 5,70 €
  • 38,00 €


For 16 to 20 People

La Calçotada Land Adoption
  • 200 Dutch Calçots
  • 2000 grs Salsa Romesco
  • 20 Bibes
  • Instructions
  • 155,02 €
  • save now 20,22 €
  • 134,80 €


For 8 to 10 People

La Calçotada Land Adoption
  • 100 Dutch Calçots
  • 1000 grs Salsa Romesco
  • 10 Bibes
  • Instructions
  • 84,53 €
  • save now 11,03 €
  • 73,50 €

How do I get the Home Pack?

200 thousand calçots that want to bring their joy to your home, are growing in Zaltbommel, the Netherlands. The happy onions field is divided into 4 thousand little parcels.

The Onion Guy is here to give you the opportunity to reserve your calçots already when they are growing. That is because he needs to grow and prepare your happy onions for harvesting time until he delivers them to you just in time for you to enjoy La Calçotada celebrations.

Do not miss out on the enormous amount of smiles that you can get by adopting your Home Pack - freshly harvested with the only goal of bringing you happiness!


Select your adoption package

The Home Pack has everything you need to enjoy comfortably the magical La Calçotada tradition at home, including all the instructions, products, and assortments.

First, you start with choosing one of the 3 options for an Adoption Home Pack plan, which best fits with the number of people you will be sharing your happiness with. There are plans for 5, 10, or 20 people.

Start adopting the joyful onions now and spread the smiles on the faces of your loved ones!

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Select your extras

In this step of the adoption process, you have the opportunity to choose what you want to add additionally to accompany your delicious calçots.

The options could be adding porró and make it easier for you to cook the calçots and add vine prunings that are always on the table for a Catalan Calçotada celebration.

Make the best of your Calçotada gathering and try adding more joy to your amazing meal with our additional assortments!


Select shipping date

La Calçotada is an annual celebration that is held between November and April. After the harvest, our fresh happy onions are ready to deliver happiness to you and your closest people whenever you want them to.

You just have to pick the date out of those provided on one of our three Home Pack Adoption plans pages for 5, 10, or 20 people.

Now is the time to adopt the happy onions and save the smiles!