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La Calçotada box is the product of a dream to prevent the first Dutch Calçots to be converted into a waist.

Two Dutch farmers are introducing the growth of the unique Calçot in The Netherlands, and I wanted to take this opportunity to bring the joy of la Calçotada t your place.

Calçots are a source of joy and happiness. I decided to make it possible that all these happy Onions get to your home.


create a service from this first production

The 200.000 Calçots are growing in The Netherlands inspired The Onion Guy to create the #savehappyonions campaign.

It is a great opportunity to share this beautiful tradition with the Dutch and help Time and Rudi's efforts in growing the first production of Calçots in The Netherlands.

This camping has two goals:

  • Enable the growing Calçots to bring the happiness of a unique food plan instead of turn into waste.
  • Enable The Onion Guy to found raise his dream startup, "La Calçotada," to internationalize the joyful tradition of La Calçotada.

The 200.000 Calçots has been divided into 4.000 little parcels. Each parcel contains 50 Happy Onions and will be shipped to you in a La Calçotada Box.