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The fields are getting ready for our special day on August 15th: Planting the calçots!

Our goal is to make sure we're making a high-quality product and investing in sustainable agriculture. Get a 15% discount on calçotada kits and events by pre-ordering now!

From Our Fields to Your Table, Anywhere!

At La Calçotada, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to savor the incredible taste of Calçots, no matter where they are in the europe.

That's why we've embarked on a mission to make these delicious Catalan delicacies available to the european market. We're breaking down barriers and ensuring that fresh, mouthwatering Calçots can find their way to your table, no matter your location.

Exporting Calçots comes with its fair share of challenges. From maintaining their freshness during transit to navigating complex logistics, it's no easy feat.

But we've taken on this challenge head-on because we know how much people around the world crave the unique experience of Calçotada. We're committed to overcoming these obstacles to bring you the vibrant flavors of Calçots, straight from the fields to your home.

That's where our adoption campaign comes in. By participating in our campaign, you become an essential part of our growth.

Your support helps us ensure a smooth and reliable supply chain, making it possible to deliver fresh Calçots to your doorstep, no matter where you reside in Europe. Whether you're a chef, a food enthusiast, or a Calçot lover, partnering with us means you're contributing to the growth of a trusted supplier of export-grade Calçots.

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