30th-March | Sectie-C Eindhoven


  • I'm really looking forward for the event at Sectie-C in Eindhoven.Wouter
  • Ik heb er heel veel zin in!Enya
  • Gracies, després de 4 anys avui em sento com a casa.Pere
  • We have to organize one every week...Theo
  • Gracias, los Calçots dan la vida durante el invierno.Vanessa
  • Be you the next...

The experience

The Steps

First peel off! Second dip! Third eat!

The Festival

Join with friends and family to La Calçotada and enjoy this Catalan tradition. For sure the experience will be unique, this festival is around a special vegetable called calçot grown in Catalonia, north-east of Spain.

lacalçotada.com is exporting this tradition from Catalonia to anywhere close to you, with a single idea in mind: keep its essence. Check the events and see where you can experience a fun fest, with delicious calçots and grilled meat. Challenge yourself and drink red wine from el Priorat using the traditional glass pitcher!

Upcoming Events

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The Tradition

At the end of XIX century a Catalan farmer, known as Xat de Benaiges, discovered a new way to grow an onion. The onion was planted in a way that just half of the onion's body was covered by a layer of earth. As the onion was growing a new layer of earth was added to keep half of the body covered. This procedure was known as calçar, which gave the name to the calçot. With this procedure the calçot results in a long and thick spring-onion with a delicate sweet taste, perfect to cook on the grill

La Calçotada is nowadays a community meal that has become the traditional way of eating calçots, a fest around food gathering family and friends. The traditional menu has the calçots as starter, served with the typical romesco sauce, followed by grilled sausages. The red wine is always being served using the traditional wine glass pitcher, called porró.

The suppliers

Their collaboarion makes La Calçotada possible