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Salvador Dali - Calçotaire Major De Catalunya

Jan 18, 2024

Influencer you are not so trendy! Calçots and Dalí did it a century ago!

Discover the latest food trend: Calçots! Originating in Spain, these unique green onions offer a delectable taste and are taking the world by storm. Follow in the footsteps of influencer Salvador Dalí who's pioneering this trend. Join us, perfect your grilling technique, create your signature romesco sauce, and share your culinary journey. Become a calçotaire today!
Calçotada: The Ultimate Food Adventure Every Foodie Must Try – Click for Details!

Jun 28, 2023

Calçotada: The Ultimate Food Adventure Every Foodie Must Try – Click for Details!

Discover the tantalizing world of Calçotada, a vibrant Catalan tradition celebrating food and camaraderie. Indulge in the sweet delight of grilled calçots dipped in exquisite romesco sauce. Explore sizzling sausages, luscious lamb, and delectable side dish delights that elevate this feast to new heights. Embark on a culinary adventure filled with laughter, aromas, and unforgettable flavors. Join us on this captivating journey and unlock the power of food to create lasting memories.

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