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Smokin' Flavors - Vine Prunings

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Vine prunings are perfectly flavored smoking wood used in various ways to barbecue and smoke meat, fish, or vegetables using charcoal or gas grills.

We bring you brings you the ancient European wine country BBQ tradition of grilling with grapevine prunings. Experience the entirely different, rich, and complex flavor imparted by this eco-friendly, sustainable, new BBQ smoking wood.

Main Features:

  • 10 - 15 cm Branches
  • From Spanish Vine Yards
  • Flavors any meat 
  • Excellent fire starter
  • Dense smoke


Spain is well known for its rich vine culture, having extensive areas dedicated to the production of grapes. Those areas have the tradition of grilling meat using wood after pruning the grape yards to celebrate the beginning of wine production. 

Our suggestion

Grapevine smoke is known to go well with virtually any type of meat and provides a mild flavor while cooking over a high heat grill. Additional flavors can be imparted in your smoke by soaking the vine chips in wine, beer, or tea for 15- 20 minutes before putting them onto the charcoals or into the smokebox.

Smoking preparation

  1. First, start soaking vine chips in water (check the recipe for the amount you’ll need). They should soak in water for at least 15 minutes or else they are likely to light on fire and give you more flame than smoke.

  2. Start the grill by preheating your grill for 10-15 minutes on high and then brushing the cooking grates clean.

  3. Add wood chips to your smoker box. Using long-handled tongs, open the lid of the smoker box. Grab some of the soaked wood chips with the tongs, let the excess water drain off, and drop the wood chips into the smoker box.

    Spread out the wood chips so they cover the bottom of the box, directly exposing as many chips as possible to the burner below. Continue to add as many wood chips as the recipe suggests.

    Close the lid of the smoker box. Close the lid of the grill and wait a few minutes for smoke to pour out of the grill. Now it’s time to lower the heat of the dedicated burner under the smoker box to medium or low so that the wood will smolder slowly.

  4. Start smoking your food. Arrange the food in the middle of the cooking grate, over the unlit burner(s).

    Close the lid as soon as possible and let the food cook. Keep in mind that most of the smoke will accumulate around the smoker box. The closer your food is to the smoker box, the more smoke flavor it will absorb.


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