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La Calçotada Cavataria | Amsterdam

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We bring you the most exquisite Calçotada ever possible. We always cook Calçots with fire from vine pruning woods, making their taste unique. The blend of delicate sweetness of the Calçots gets infused by the smoke from burning vines.

The menu will close with the typical Crema Catalana as dessert. 

Yes! A pure feast cooked with fire and wood will fill your mouth with an explosion of natural smoked wood flavors.

The Calçotada includes:

  • First Course: Calçots with Romesco Sauce
  • Second Course to choose between :   
  • Secreto Iberico
  • Vegan favas
  • Rib-Eye (extra costs)
  • Dessert: Grani-Carmen Catalan Cream


Important: Limited Tickets




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